Uncompromised Quality. Intentional Design.

 Chattam & Wells 

Your dream mattress awaits

Uncompromised Quality. Intentional Design.

 Chattam & Wells 

Your dream mattress awaits

Free adjustable base

*Free Adjustable Base

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free luxury pillow

*Free Luxe Cooling Pillows

Best Pillows Ever!

*Luxe Bedding Package

Free Tencel Sheets

*Receive a FREE matching size adjustable bed platform frame bases and/or luxe bedding package on newly purchased Chattam & Wells mattresses (Not applied to closeouts, promo applied to in-store, tagged sale price when requested by customer, use code: adjust_me)

Chattam & Wells Makes Elegant and Supremely Comfortable Mattresses & We Sell Them at The Best Prices In Los Angeles - Guaranteed!

The name Chattam & Wells brings authenticity, elegant design, and bespoke craftsmanship to the forefront. The look of a Chattam & Wells is artfully designed to demonstrate the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. A handmade Chattam & Wells feels just as awe inspiring as it looks because there is never any compromise on the premium materials nor any shortcuts taken on the construction!

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  • Patented Chattam & Wells Design

    Because of their patents, no other mattress manufacturer can copy Chattam & Wells which makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud. Weightlessly suspended - providing you the deepest sleep you have ever experienced. Come try for yourself!

  • Ultra Premium Luxury Materials

    Chattam & Wells Mattresses only contain the most luxurious materials from a company that truly cares about comfort and luxury. From Joma Wool to Tencel Fabric to Natural Talalay Latex Chattam & Wells sources naturally robust materials that will stand the test of time and work in symphony to produce a classic feel.

  • Luxury Made By Hand

    Each Chattam & Wells luxury mattress is made in the USA by people who believe their job is to create a mattress that provides the foundation for a healthy life. True to their heritage, Chattam & Wells are made the old-fashioned-way: by the precise hand of a mastercraftsman. This provides the most secure and robust design ensuring lasting support and comfort for years to come.

  • Artfully Designed

    Chattam & Wells is known around the world for creating great feeling mattresses that look truly unique. On the outside, Chattam & Wells designs a piece of furniture that will look excellent in any bedroom. The attention to detail and quality of the fabrics show you a great mattress doesn’t just have to feel good, it can also look good.

  • Best Price Guarantee

    We guarantee that we sell Chattam & Wells mattresses at the best prices and with the best level of service. Also, we specialize in Adjustable Bed Frames to pair with your Chattam & Wells Mattress to get the ultra premium experience. Ask us how you can get a FREE Adjustable Bed Frame!!!


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Starting from: $2,199

Starting from: $1,199

Starting from: $799

Starting from: $1,699



We know shopping for a Chattam & Wells can be confusing. Call us with the model you liked and we'll help you find the feel you love & save you money, guaranteed

  • Adelaide Line™


    Starting From Only: $799

  • Hamilton Line™


    Starting From Only: $1,199 

  • Revere Eurotop™


    Starting From Only: $1699

  • Franklin Eurotop™


    Starting From Only: $2199

Made with Precision and Care

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90 day mattress guarantee


 90 Night Comfort Guarantee on Every Mattress

We are completely committed to offering an unrivaled shopping experience. We offer a  90 day comfort guarantee from the date of your purchase. In other words, you can exchange your mattress if it’s not the right fit for another that suits you better within 90 days, that’s our promise.

90 day mattress guarantee

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5 star mattress yelp reviews

Or Check Out Our Stellar Website Reviews!

I’ve only ever slept on a Chattam. They’re built very well and have a particular feel you only get in a Chattam. For me, the name of the game was price. I also wanted to make sure I could finance with 0% for at least 12 months because, well, who doesn't like free money. Chris at Mattress Pros was a pleasure to work with. I told him which Chattam I was currently sleeping on and he was able to tell me what the most comparable one in the newest lines. Once we narrowed down options to the final choice, he gave me a great price. Plus, he offered the financing I was looking for. He didn’t play any games and was very straightforward. The whole process was simply easy and transparent.

Sandrah Silbright

Mattress Professor Customer & Chattam And Wells Buyer

Customer service here is unbeatable. I mean, you only get this kind of service with a small business that is family owned and operated. I got a firm euro top Chattam which I thought was perfect. After a few weeks of trying it, I just felt it was a little too firm. Not a problem, Chris was completely sympathetic and said he would help me find a better choice. He opened up an hour early because I had a very busy schedule, who else would do that?! That is true service. Once I picked out my second mattress, he scheduled me for delivery right away and I couldn't be happier. I’ve got a great bed and the whole experience was very smooth. Chris never once tried to shrug me off, and always found a solution to my problems. I’m only ever going to do my mattress shopping here because they treat me with respect and honesty!

John Adams

Mattress Professor Customer & Chattam And Wells Buyer

I was referred to Mattress, Home, and Style by a friend after having moved into a new place in West LA. Needed a new bed ASAP and I really wanted the same mattress I had back at home in New York, but since they change the names everywhere it was hard to find the same bed. I gave them a call and explained my situation. They helped me find the very same mattress and were able to get me an even better price than what I paid for back in New York! Don’t know what I would have done without them! Delivery was super quick and they took care of everything! I was also able to finance with 0% for 12 months which was a HUGE help since I was a little tight on cash from the move. If you’re looking for something specific and are having trouble finding it, these guys will definitely find the bed you’re looking for!

Claire Thyme

Mattress Professor Customer & Free adjustable base recipient

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